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Breaking Daddy's Rules
Posted:Apr 13, 2020 6:26 am
Last Updated:May 21, 2020 6:08 pm
I wake before you and decide take a shower before you wake . You wake without my realizing it as I pad into the bathroom and get under the hot water. As the heat runs over my body, I start to get wet, and not from the water. You hear moaning in the shower as I start touching myself. Soon after I climax, I turn the water off and get out of the shower. When I reenter the bedroom, expecting you to still be asleep, you ambush me , throwing me onto the bed. Holding me down by my throat, you use your other hand roughly to finger my cunt.

"What were you doing in the shower?" You see my eyes open wide as I realize that you will not tolerate it if I do not answer the question, but that you will be displeased with the answer.

Stammering, I answer, "well, I didn't know you were awake... and I was umm... touching myself" You look me straight in the eyes, and with your voice deadly calm, you ask me if I came. When I say that I did, you ask me in the same tone if you gave me permission to cum.

I shake my head slightly, at which point you squeeze slightly on my throat and bend your head down to whisper harshly in my ear, "I asked you a question. It's disrespectful not to answer"

Too afraid to really answer, you hear me whimper, No Daddy! at this, you look me in the eyes again and tell me that I should know that I would be punished for this, at which point I lower my eyes from your gaze and again in a whimper say, yes Daddy!

Without another moment's pause, you take your finger out of my cunt and tell me to lick it clean. While I'm doing this, you release your hold on my throat to grab something out of my sight. The next thing I know, you have grabbed one of my wrists, and then have both, at which point you handcuff them together, although not behind my back. You then stand and order me to kneel in front of you. I readily do, opening my mouth hungrily for your cock. You push back slightly and grab me by the chin, forcing me to look up in to your eyes, saying You really want my cock, Don't you my Slut? Well, this is not a reward. I want you to know how disappointed I am that you would cum without permission. At which point I attempt to lower my gaze, growling, You order me to look at you. When I look you in the eyes again, you continue, I'm going fuck your mouth, and I want you to look at me the whole time. I want you to see who your Daddy is, and remember that you are not allowed to cum unless I say so. You may want cum while I fuck your mouth, but if you do, your punishment will be even more severe, so control yourself slut! At which point you grab me by the hair and pull me to your cock. I open my mouth and continue to stare at you as you gently thrust into my mouth.

I start to moan as you continue to fuck my mouth, enjoying the feel of you. All of a sudden, you pull out of my mouth, grab a hold of me and throw me back onto the bed. You secure the handcuffs to a hook you had installed on the wall. Growling, you lean down to kiss me , probing my mouth with your tongue. You make sure to keep your body above me , just out of reach as I writhe and try rub my hips against yours. Moving down, you bite down hard on my neck, causing me to gasp and almost cry out as you also grab onto my breasts and tweak both nipples. As I start to moan louder and louder, you pull back, looking me in my eyes again ask if I want to Cum again. I nod my head while saying, Yes Daddy!

You smile down kindly, but coldly say "Well that's too bad, you still don't have permission to Cum Slut!"
Leaning down closer, You start to press your body against mine, and I feel your rock hard cock against my leg. As I begin to gyrate under you, you pull back and position yourself between my legs. I watch as you insert one finger slightly into my wet pussy, and then pull it out to taste it. I begin to beg you to please fuck me. You begin to run the head of your cock up and down my slit, not touching my clit, or pushing deeper inside, just getting the head slick with my juices. Writhing underneath you, I plead for you to please, PLEASE enter my pussy, Finally, you lean forward and grab me by the neck, your face so close to mine. You tell me " I'm going fuck you now, and I want you to cum for Daddy. But you are not to cum unless Daddy specifically says you can. "Do you understand me Slut?"

My eyes light and I quickly say "Yes Daddy, I understand!"

In one swift, fluid movement, you thrust your cock completely inside of me and tell me " To cum!!" You feel my muscles tighten, squeezing your cock tight. You begin pumping in and out of me, violating my warm, wet cunt. I moan and soon start asking if I could please cum again. After what feels like forever , you grant permission and I cum again. You continue to fuck my greedy pussy, allowing me to cum over and over again. Finally, you grab me by the hair and tell me to cum again as your body stiffens and spasms, shooting your hot cum deep inside .

After pausing for a few moments to catch your breath, you look down and say "You wanted to cum, now I want you to cum as much as you can. Cum over and over again, while you clean yourself off my cock!" As you pull out, I see you reach for something, and realize it is my vibrator. As soon as your cock is out of my pussy, it is immediately replaced with a vibrating shaft. You move my body, kneeling over my chest so that I can just reach your still erect cock. I am straining to be able to lick you, until you finally take pity and move close enough take you deep into my mouth, savoring the taste of my juices mixed with your cum. Very quickly, I am writhing and moaning under you as my body is wracked by one and then another orgasm. I continue to suck your cock more and more vigorously, running my tongue over the head. Surprisingly, you feel yourself getting close again, and tell me to open my mouth wide so you can watch as you cum again, this time shooting your load into my mouth. I greedily swallow your cum and suck you again into my mouth, wanting every last bit that I can get. Soon thereafter, you pull back and get a drink and watch me writhe and pant as the vibrator continues to violate my restrained body.

With the next orgasm, when my hips start bucking, you notice from your vantage point that your cum, mixed with my pussy juices, is running down my pussy to my ass. Without warning, you grab me by the hips and flip me over, my wrists still attached to the wall as I rotate on the hook, lying on my stomach beneath you. You feel me tense under you, afraid of what you will do . When you insert your finger into my ass, I cry out, begging you not to do it. You take another finger and insert it into my pussy, stretching it as you slide along the vibrator. A finger in each hole, you lean down onto me and whisper into my ear, "I'm going to fuck you again, and I'm not taking out the vibrator. You can choose, either I stretch that tight little cunt of yours by forcing my cock in there with that vibrator, or I fuck your ass. Do you want to choose, or shall I slut?"

Too shocked and overwhelmed, I just murmur that I trust your judgment. I fear which hole you will choose to fuck, knowing there is nothing I can do to stop you. Then I feel you pull out your fingers and pressure as you push your cock into my slick ass. I cry out in pain, feeling you in my ass while the vibrator is still going in my cunt, but you let out a groan, enjoying the feel of my tight ass and the sensation of feeling the vibrator inside me as well. Soon, you begin to thrust into me, fucking my ass, aided by our combined juices. My moans mix with pleas, begging you to stop, knowing that you won't, feeling my body spasm over and over again as I can't help but keep cumming.

You grab onto my hair and pull me back slightly, causing my back to arch but also allowing me to turn my head so I can look into your eyes and "You can't help but keep cumming, can you slut?" You ask me.

Panting, I say "No Daddy, I can't!"

You kiss me briefly, and then tell me "You are mine. Your body, your mouth, your cunt and your ass, all mine. Even your orgasms are mine, mine to give and mine to withhold, is that perfectly clear Slut?"

I feel another orgasm coming, and moaning, gasping for air, I say " Yes Daddy, very clear. I am yours, yours to do with as you please"

I see you smile as you softly caress my face, my hair " That's my good girl... my toy, my little slut!" Without warning, you begin to pound even harder into my ass, and I can tell that you are gonna fill me again. As much as possible, I try to push back against you, moving my body with your rhythm. Then, I feel you tense as you thrust deep into my ass, your hips pressing tight against my ass, as you fill me yet again with your cum. After a moment, you reach down and pull the vibrator out of me, as you continue to lie on top of me. Soon, you reach and unhook my wrists from the wall and free them from the cuffs. You gently massage my arms and shoulders, soothing my strained muscles. Then you pull out of my ass and help me roll over, at which point you growl and kiss me again, and then say " that it is time get into the shower together!"
Lil Notty Announcement!
Posted:Mar 22, 2020 8:57 pm
Last Updated:Apr 11, 2020 4:20 pm
Hello! Hey Lil Notty Thoughts Fans. I have been working on a new story. It is in the corrections and spell check phase. I have not been able to replace my laptop but found another way to post my story. So paweezee be on the look out for it. Will be posting it soon.
Posted:Feb 12, 2020 5:15 pm
Last Updated:Mar 23, 2020 1:10 am

Curvy, Flirty, and A Little Dirty!
Lil Notty Announcement!
Posted:Feb 7, 2020 11:18 am
Last Updated:Feb 13, 2020 4:54 pm
Greetings Lil Notty Thoughts Fans, I am currently working on a new story and was hoping to post it soon however my laptop has died and gone to electronic heaven. (Has a moment of silence) sheds a few tears

So soon as I can either get mine fixed or get a new one I will post my first story of 2020 and hope what will be many more to come. Hope you have a great weekend!
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Lil Notty Announcement!
Posted:Dec 20, 2019 5:28 pm
Last Updated:Jan 10, 2020 9:30 pm

Hello Lil Notty Thoughts fans. Do to circumstances beyond my control I will be taking a short pause from posting anymore stories. Life has given me a huge hill to climb and at the moment I am losing that battle. For more information paweezee leave a comment or contact me. Thank you for all your feedback on my stories it means the world to me.
Daddy's Babygirl
Posted:Dec 8, 2019 12:40 am
Last Updated:May 17, 2020 5:00 pm
When I came back home he was already there. Slowly I started to undress, carefully taking off my skirt and silk shirt. I unhooked my bra and slipped off my panties and set them next to the pile before putting my collar on. Quickly I ran to the bathroom to check my makeup (I wanted to look perfect for Daddy). After a quick fix, I walked to the room we called his office.

He sat in front of his laptop working quietly, still in his day clothes. He was so into his work he didn't notice me standing naked in the doorway. I cleared my throat to try and get his attention, but once he looked I blushed and averted my eyes. I took my time walking to him, and I slowly lowered myself to my knees beside him at my rightful place.

"Good girl," I heard him whisper as he kissed the top of my head and went back to work.

More than an hour passed before he was finished working. My knees hurt from the hardwood floors but I was in no place to complain. I knew he was finished when he hooked his finger through the loop of my collar and lifted me up to give him a kiss. "Did you miss Daddy while he was at work?" he asked me. I silently nodded and gave him a little smile. He pecked me on the cheek and stood up. He clipped my leash to the collar around my neck.

I sat patiently on the bed playing with my leash while Daddy stood in front of me, soaking up every inch of my naked body with his eyes; my perky breasts, my hard nipples, my shaved pussy. I wanted so bad for him to touch me but I was to remain quiet. He smacked his Flogger absentmindedly on his thigh as he thought. I was getting wet in anticipation. I knew I was going to be punished.

"Up." he said, motioning for me to stand. I stood quickly, trying not to look him in the eyes. He took my place on the bed and took hold of my leash. Forcefully he pulled me to him and laid me down on his lap. "You misbehaved today, didn't you?" his breath was hot in my ear. I nodded and he yanked once, hard, on my leash. "I want to hear you say it," he growled. "I misbehaved today Daddy," I whimpered. He smiled and ran a hand down my back and down to my ass. His hand squeezed and massaged it and I closed my eyes, knowing what was coming next.


I inhaled sharply. His spankings always stung... And I loved it that way. But that was only his hand. He still had his Flogger. Just as the thought of the Flogger crossed my mind, I felt it. He ran it lightly against my thighs and back to tease me. I shivered and he chuckled.

"You were a bad girl today..." he mumbled, and...


This time it was his Flogger that smacked my ass again, and again and again. I cried out in pain and my eyes teared up. Daddy laughed and kissed where he Spanked me, before giving me another spanking. "Poor baby," he whispered as he pulled my head up by my collar to look at my face. I averted his gaze, which made him a little angry. He grabbed my throat forcefully and put his face close to mine. I looked, and he loosened his grip. "Be a good Slut and get on your knees."

Daddy stood up as I lowered myself to my knees. I looked up at him and gave him a sweet little smile. He patted my head and unzipped his pants. My mouth started to water as he removed his thick hard cock from his boxers. I started to lean forward when he yanked my leash hard, making me fall back on my sore ass. "No. You get to beg for it, Slut" he grinned.

"Daddy," I whispered, "Oh Daddy please. Please, I need your Cock so bad. More than anything. I know I don't deserve it after being bad but oh, please may I have a little taste?" Tears rolled down my cheeks. Thats just what Daddy wanted.

Daddy smiled down at me and stepped closer. I took that as a yes and grinned. My tongue licked up his shaft and swirled around the head ever so slowly at first, like a little girl licking an ice cream cone shes been waiting so long for. I then wrapped my full lips around his cock and started to suck. Daddy then took me by surprise by grabbing my ponytail of brown hair and forcing my head down on to his thick cock shoving it down my throat. My eyes started to water and I gagged as I took it all in. I could feel my dripping wetness between my thighs and wanted so bad to feel him touch my pussy but I knew Daddy needed to be pleased first.

I heard him moan and looked up to see him biting his lip in pleasure. I continued to suck, and started to squeeze his balls too. He moaned a little louder. I could hear him telling me I was a "good Slut!" as I felt his precum drip into my mouth.

"So yummy, Daddy." I giggled as I wiped my mouth after he pulled me away.

He smiled and once again pulled me up by my collar. "You did a good job, but you still need to be punished."

Daddy then cuffed me to our bed. My hands above my head and my legs spread. A ball gag was placed in my mouth. "Now, no cumming until I give you permission!"

Already a fair amount of my drool was dripping down my chin and onto my breasts. Daddy was playing with my nipples. One he was pinching and pulling on, while he sucked and nipped the other. I closed my eyes in ecstasy as I felt his tongue swirl around. His teeth gently pulled and nibbled at first, before biting harder. A moan escaped from my gagged mouth. Daddy switched nipples, making each wet and swollen and sore. His other hand was in my dripping wet pussy. Slowly inserting one finger at first and playing around with my clit, then shoving in another. I moaned loud. More drool dripped down. He was finger fucking me hard now, and I moved in time with him.

I could feel my orgasm coming. I tried so hard to keep it in but I had to let go. My back arched and my hips lifted, my eyes still shut tight. This one was big. My body shook and convulsed as waves of pleasure rolled over me. The cuffs cut against my wrists as I struggled against it. When it stopped I breathed hard out of my nose. Daddy was sitting on his knees with his arms crossed. He shook his head at me, disappointed. "Now, now Slut!! What did I say about not cumming?

He kissed down my chest to my thighs. I felt his tongue flick against the outside of my pussy. I clenched my fists. The cuffs were rubbing my wrists raw. Slowly he inserted his tongue into my wetness as he stuck a finger into my tight asshole. Surprise. I gasped and I felt him smile. His stubble rubbed me as raw as the Cuffs and it made me even more wet. His tongue flicked my clit 1, 2, 3, 4 times back and forth. I heard him slurp. "You are soaked," he whispered. My legs started to ache from the cuffs. I wanted his hard cock so bad, more than I've ever wanted anything at that moment.

"Oh Daddy..." I started, "Oh Daddy please... I need your cock in me," He was still licking my pussy as I start to beg, so between each word I shiver. I couldn't take it. "Daddy, fuck me! Fuck me now and fuck me HARD!" I pretty much yelled. I heard his voice. " Are you telling me what to do Slut!!! he growls.

I closed my eyes. I'm in trouble now. Not my brightest move. But even so, I felt him uncuff me. I sighed happily, but to my surprise Daddy yanked my leash bringing my face to his. " You Don't Tell Daddy What To Do, Slut!" "Get on your hands and knees Ass up Face down Now!!" I quickly get in to position on the bed with out hesitation.

"You just couldn't behave could you?" Answer me, Slut!"

"No Daddy" "I'm sorry Daddy. I didn't mean to yell at you." Before I could finish my sentence Daddy's arm came down and the Flogger hit across my right cheek. It stung so bad. I cried out. I dig my fingers it to the sheets as I hear Daddy's arm coming down again.


As the Flogger hit the same spot again on my right cheek making my pale skin start to turn pink.





My ass is now on fire and a beautiful shade of crimson. Daddy leans over and Smiles as he licks the tears streaming from my face.





Daddy stops to admire his handy work. "Your ass is such a beautiful shade of Red!"

Daddy Climbs on the bed behind me and rubs his cock up and down my pussy, Teasing me."Do you know what happens to Babygirls who disobey there Daddy's?" Daddy yanks on my leash pulling my head up, He leans down and says in my ear "Good Girls get fucked, Bad girls get fucked in the ass!" I whimpered as Daddy starts rub the head of his cock up and down my pink tight little asshole. Daddy yanks my leash as he pushes his mushroom size cockhead in to my ass I bite my lip gripping the sheets, remembering to relax. "Take it Slut, Take Daddy's Cock!" he shoves it all the way in. Daddy's huge hard cock rammed into my ass and his balls slapping against my pussy. I yell. He wraps the leash around his hand and tugs, choking me as he pulls out and shoves back in. "That's it Slut push back on Daddy's cock, Fuck it!"

I started to cry. Oh, Daddy loves when the tears come. He knows hes doing his job perfectly when there are tears. He leaned over me and licks them off. He growls in my ear. I'm moaning, I'm crying, I'm nearly screaming. He was still ramming his cock in me. He alternates between spanking me and choking me with the leash.

I clutched the sheets and bite my lip. I'm being fucked so hard. He is going as deep and hard as he can pounding my Ass. I was screaming then, out of pain and out of pleasure. My back was arching again, my hips were lifting again. Daddy grabs my hips holding me against his cock. He groaned, Growls "Take my Cum, SLUT!" as his huge load emptied into me. Daddy pumps my ass over and over as stream after stream of his cum fills my pretty red ass.

Daddy slowly pulls out, grabbing me we collapse on the bed.

I laid there panting, sweaty and sticky. I was sore all over. My pussy was sore, my ass was sore, my wrists were sore and my throat was sore. Daddy laid next to me. He nuzzled his face into my neck. "You were so good for Daddy". As he kissed my neck and we drifted off to sleep.
Lil Notty Announcement!
Posted:Nov 29, 2019 11:34 am
Last Updated:Dec 12, 2019 2:43 pm

Hello Lil Notty Fans! I am back! Yay! Story number 11 is in the works and will be here soon. Hope you all had a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving.
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Lil Notty Announcement!
Posted:Nov 26, 2019 9:16 pm
Last Updated:Nov 26, 2019 9:23 pm

Well here we go again Losing phone Noo clue when I will be back but I will have a story ready for you. Happy Thanksgiving.
Just Deserts
Posted:Oct 10, 2019 11:56 pm
Last Updated:May 28, 2020 2:50 am
Come here, babygirl"

The tone in my voice brooks no argument. She and I both know what is going to happen.

"You've been a very naughty girl, haven't you?" I ask.

You drop your gaze, but you can't hide the twinkle in your eyes, or the slight smile on your face.

"Yes, Daddy. I've been a very bad girl."

"Then you know you must be punished, don't you?"

"Oh, no, Daddy. I won't do it again. I promise I'll be good."

"Are you arguing with me? You know what the punishment is for breaking the rules!" I reach out and take your chin in my hands and lift your face so my eyes look into yours.

"What is the first rule? You are my babygirl. Everything I tell you to do, you must do."

You smile. "Yes, Daddy".

"Rule number two. You exist to serve me and my pleasure, not your own. You are not allowed to have an orgasm unless I tell you to. No exceptions. Violations will be dealt with harshly."

"Rule number three. You are not allowed to wear any article of clothing unless I permit you to."

"Do you understand?"

Your breathing has deepened. I notice the flush on your face. You're getting excited by this. Your body can't hide it. Good. You look me in the eyes.

"Yes, Daddy. I understand."

"Then why are you still dressed?"

Quickly you take a step back and pull your T-shirt off and drop it to the floor. You unsnap the buttons on your jeans, slip them down and step out of them. You unhook your bra and your breasts swing free. You start to pull down the black bikini panties you love to wear.

"Stop! Stand up straight and don't move!"

You obey and stand there in your panties, slightly trembling. Waiting.

I take a slow walk around you. Admiring the perfection of your body. It never ceases to bring me pleasure. Your face is beautiful. Your startling eyes are perfection itself. The shape of your face and the way wear your hair never fails to make my heart beat faster. You are an absolute goddess. My goddess. I still can't believe that you are mine and I am yours.

I reach out and slowly run my finger behind your ears, under your chin and then up and across your lips. You shudder and try to kiss my finger, take it into your mouth to suck on it.

"Did I tell you to move?"

You freeze and remain perfectly still, looking longingly into my eyes. Your breathing has slowed and steadied.

I continue to run my finger along your cheek, and then slowly down your neck and across your throat. Just barely touching you, I run it across the top of your breasts just above your nipples. I love your breasts. Just big enough to fill each of my hands. I desperately want to suck on them but it's not time for that. Not yet.

I slowly run my finger around your nipples a few times, just barely touching you. Then I pinch them and you gasp, unable to control your reaction.

"Do Not Move!!!"

You struggle to obey, breathing more heavily now. I continue to play and caress your breasts, watching your nipples harden. I smile, and move my fingers lower, across your stomach and around your navel. My fingers are barely touching your skin. I touch both sides of you with each of my hands, caressing your sides and again brushing the sides of your breasts with my thumbs. Then I slowly move them down your sides, to your thighs and down your legs.

My hands run down each of your legs, to your calves. I caress and stroke them for a few seconds, and then slowly work my way back up your legs. When I reach the bottom of your panties, I switch to the insides of your legs and repeat the process.

I begin to smell your arousal as your fluids start to leak into your panties. Oh! That heavenly aroma! I put my nose up to your Pussy and take a deep breath, savoring the scent of you. I see the dampness on your panties and can't resist licking it with my tongue, touching your lips through the thin material.

You gasp again, and your whole body shudders.

"I warned you!" I tell you and stand to one side and swing my hand back.


The sound is loud as my hand strikes your ass. You gasp again. You can't help it. The sudden pain is like a lightning bolt to your senses.


Again I slap you hard on your ass cheek, already reddened by the first blow. You shudder and cry out.

"No, Daddy! Not again! I promise I'll be good!"

"Did I say you could speak?"

Smack! Smack! Smack!

Three quick blows in succession and you're swaying, trying to remain erect, but the sensations of pain and pleasure coursing through your body are overwhelming. Your ass is on fire and hurts so much, but I also know you love it.

I move a little further behind you and focus my attention on your other ass cheek, still creamy white and oh so rounded and sexy.


A sharp blow. A little harder than the last ones.


Now your other cheek is as red as the first. I circle around your front and look down. Your panties are drenched. I smile.

"Down on your knees, Slut Now!"

Eagerly you lower yourself in front of me. Once on your knees, you look up at me, expectantly.

"Suck me!!!" I Command.

You eagerly reach up and unfasten my pants. Then slowly you unzip my fly, look in my eyes and smiling. You love to suck my cock as much as I love you to suck it.

Gently you reach into my pants and free my throbbing cock, already hard in anticipation of what is to come. You grasp me in your hands and gently kiss my circumcised head. Then you begin to lick the head, using plenty of saliva, while your rub your hands over the head to get them wet and you stroke my cock. As you rub me you start to engulf my cock with your warm wet mouth, taking me deeper and deeper into you.

The feel of your mouth on me is fantastic! I feel the blood pounding through my veins as you suck and rub away, totally lost in the sensation. I want it to last forever. Then one hand shifts to my balls and you start fondling them. I can't help myself and I grab the back of your head. My hips are moving now, thrusting into your face as you suck me harder and harder.

A guttural groan escapes me. "Suck it, Slut! Suck it harder!"

I've lost control. I'm fucking your face! I'm thrusting harder and faster, holding your head so you can't move. Suddenly you squeeze my balls and I explode! Wave after wave of pleasure cascades over me as my Cum pours into your mouth. I grab your head shoving my cock down your throat as my cock jerks once, twice, three times. You suck it and swallow, looking up at me and smiling with your eyes.

"Stand up, Slut!"

You get to your feet.

"Take off your panties and give them to me!"

You pull them down and off in one easy movement. You hold out your hand and drop your soaking wet panties into mine. I bring them to my nose and take another deep breath.

"Mmmmmmmmm. Excellent!"

I place the wadded up panties in my pocket. A little souvenir of today's fun. You stand before me, naked and resplendent. Your body is still flushed from the excitement of your recent exertion, but you look me in the eye and can't wipe the cocky grin from your face.

I reach out and cup one of your breasts in my hand again, reveling in the touch of the soft rounded curve of it. I slowly run my fingers down your stomach and between your legs.

Your pussy offers absolutely no resistance as I push a finger inside you, and then another. You shudder and as I rub my thumb across your slit, you shudder and moan.

" Did I tell you that you could enjoy this?"

"No, Daddy." You look down.

I remove my fingers from you and step back.

"Undress me."

This you eagerly hasten to do, first putting my softening cock back in my undershorts and pulling my pants all the way off. I lift my feet to assist you. Then you unbutton my shirt and take it off. Finally you pull down my undershorts and I again lift my feet to help you.

"Get your ass in to that bedroom now!!!"

You lead the way. As I follow, I check out the rounded curves of your ass. The redness has faded, but not completely. Good. I have plans for that ass later.

We enter the bedroom. Our large, king sized bed is set against the right wall, with our dresser on the left.

"Get out your restraints, Lie on the bed, Now!"

You lie down on the bed, arms and legs spread eagled. Quickly I attach the restraints to your arms and legs, leaving enough slack so I can push a pillow under your tender ass. I go to my bottom drawer and take out the secret I've been keeping as a surprise.

You look at the ostrich feather in my hand and your eyes widen.

"No, Daddy! Not that! I'll be a good girl!"

"Too late for that, Slut!"

I start on the sole of her left foot. Lightly brushing the feather across it, just barely touching it.

"Please, Daddy. It tickles!"

" Silence!"

You strive to comply as you start pulling your legs and twisting, trying to get your foot away from the feather. I stop for a second and you stop squirming. Then I start stroking your ankle with it, slowly going up and down your calf.

"Mmmmmmm" escapes you and you relax and sigh.

Now I'm stroking it over your knee. Very lightly. Very slowly. Up and down. It begins to have a different effect on you. The one I intended. I look between your legs and see a little moisture there.

I smile and start moving the feather higher on your leg. Along the inside of your thigh. Then over to your other leg.

You're starting to squirm in a different manner, the one I love to see. And hear. And smell. You're definitely starting to get aroused.

I stroke the other leg for a while, down to your ankle and then back up on the outside of your leg. Just barely touching you. When I reach your waist, I softly brush the feather between your legs, and your entire body shudders. You are the most erotic woman I've ever met and I'm playing you like a maestro conducting an orchestra, and I love it.

After that one, brief touch, I start running the feather over your stomach, and your breasts. Your nipples are sharply erect now, and your breath is getting more rapid. I can't resist and lean over your pussy and softly blow on it, just barely missing touching your lips with mine. I hear a sharp intake of breath as you gasp, and I Grin.

I straighten up and start running the feather over your breasts again. Those gentle, rounded globes somewhat flattened by gravity are still incredibly sexy, incredibly desirable. I spend some time caressing them with my feather, and you start to breathe even faster.

Finally I start moving it slowly up your torso. Caressing your neck, and then under your chin, and finally alongside your face. I can feel the passion and desire radiate out of you like a furnace. My cock is rock fucking hard and I can see you eyeing it hungrily.

I start to caress the side of your face with the fingers of my left hand, while I move the feather back down your naked body with my right. My fingers trail behind the feather, caressing and then pinching your nipples as the feather moves back between your legs. This time I run the feather down across your lips, now dripping from the wetness of your passion.

"Tell me, my Slut, Why are you here?"

The question startles you, so focused on the sensations of your body. You hesitate a second. "For your pleasure, Daddy."

"And who does this pussy belong to?"

"You, Daddy."

"And who does your mouth belong to?"

"You, Daddy."

"And your breasts?"

"You, Daddy."

"And your ass?"

You hesitate for just a second. "You, Daddy."

"Your ass is mine?"

"Y-y-yes Daddy."

"Your tight little Ass is mine?"

"Yes, Daddy."

Your reply is more certain now, trusting.

I set the feather down, and slide the middle finger of my right hand down your pussy, between your lips. Your hips react by thrusting onto my hand, trying to force my finger into you. I take the wetness from you and smear it around your asshole. Your body goes rigid at first, then starts to relax.

"So if I want to do this." I push my index finger into your ass up to the first knuckle. Your ass clamps down on it, but I make no further move and you relax again. I then start to massage the inside of your ass with my finger while my thumb starts rubbing your clit. "I can?"

You start to moan now. Your body is quivering as I play with both your holes. I move my thumb away from your clit and into your pussy and you start moving your head back and forth.

"Please, Daddy. Fuck me. Fuck me now, Daddy. Please. I need you. Inside me. Now."

"Are you telling me what to do, SLUT?" My tone is angry but this is exactly the reaction I'm hoping for. I remove my finger and thumb from inside you.

"Noooooooo" you cry of dismay.

"I decide when you get fucked and where you get fucked. Not you." I give your left nipple a pinch. "Do you understand?"

"Y-y-yes, Daddy. I'm sorry, Daddy.

"Don't you dare move!"

Slowly I unfasten each of your restraints. First your right arm. Then your left. You never take your eyes off mine. I take each of your wrists in a hand and slowly run my hands up each of your arms, to your shoulders. Your arms lay where I drop them, by your side.

I continue moving my hands over your body. Down your sides. Over your hips. Down your thighs. Down each of your legs. To each of your ankles. I slowly undo the restraint on the left leg. Then the right.

"Close your eyes. Roll over on your hands and knees and scoot down here to the edge of the bed."

You scurry to obey. Soon I have both your hips in my hands. I examine my earlier handiwork. Your ass cheeks have almost fully recovered.

Time to fix that.


My right hand slaps your cheek hard. You jump at the unexpectedness of it. You were expecting something else entirely. Which you will soon get, but first you must be taught a lesson.

"Do" Smack! "Not" Smack! "Tell" Smack! "Me" Smack! "What" Smack! "To" Smack! "Do" Smack!

With each blow I alternate to the other cheek. Both are fire engine red again. I hear a soft sob escape you.

I waste no time. I grab your hips again, position myself at the entrance to your pussy and plunge my cock all the way into you. Your pussy is still dripping wet it slides in easily. You stiffen, and a low moan escapes from you. I stand there, my cock buried inside you, not moving. You pull forward a little and start pushing yourself back on me.

"I told you not to move!" Smack! I slap the right cheek again to emphasize my point. You jerk as my hand strikes and the feeling on my cock is exquisite. The feel of your hot wet cunt on my hard cock is intoxicating. I want nothing more than to slam into you over and over again, unloading all my hot cum into you.

But I have something else in mind. Slowly I withdraw my cock from your velvet loveliness. When I'm almost all the way out. I slam into you again and hold my cock there. Your breath expels out and I feel your pussy clamp down hard on me. I hold still again, and after your pussy relaxes I slowly pull it out again.

When it's all the way out, I rub the tip up and down your slit a couple of times. Then I slam it into you a third time and you let out a squeal. I start fucking you now, slowly. The sensation of my cock inside your hot wet pussy is incredible. Every time I fuck you I want it to never end. This is my heaven, you are my goddess, my princess of pleasure, and my cock is worshipping you.

Your head is tossing back in forth as you start thrusting back to meet each stroke. A deep groan escapes your lips. I love it. I take my thumb and start pushing it against your asshole, rubbing it as I fuck you. Another groan escapes you.

"Who's my dirty Slut?" I'm starting to grunt myself.

"I am, Daddy. I'm your dirty Slut! Fuck me! Fuck me harder!"

"Who's my filthy little ?"

"I'm your filthy little ! I'll always be your filthy little ! Fuck this filthy little ! Fuck your dirty with that hard cock. Oh god! Fuck me! Fuck Me! "

I'm reaming you with my cock now. Slamming it into you over and over again. You're losing control. Lost in the waves of sensation overwhelming your body. Your pussy is drenched, dripping down your legs.

My cock is pounding into you. It feels so good, fucking you like this. But tonight I want more. Suddenly I pull it all the way out, move my thumb out of the way, and slowly shove it into your ass! I meet some resistance at first, but my cock is rock hard and I push it in!

"Arrrrggggg!" you scream. My cocks goes about a third of the way into you. I keep pushing until its all the way into you.

"Uhgg! Oh!" you scream as my cock reams in to your ass. Your ass is so tight! It feels like a pipe has clamped around my cock. After being in your pussy, this is a whole new level of sensation. I love it! I love feeling my cock buried in your hot ass!

I start fucking your ass now, my cock sliding in and out of you. It feels so good!  I reach under you with one hand and start playing with your pussy.

"How does it feel, Slut? You like having Daddy's cock in your ass? You like Daddy fucking your ass?"

"Oh god! Fuck my ass Daddy!. Fuck your filthy in the ass! Fuck my ass! Fuck it!"

"Daddy is fucking your ass, Slut. I'm fucking your ass good!" My hips are moving  fast and my cock is pounding into you. Deep into you. I'm breathing hard and fast. I'm growling and grunting. I start screaming.

"I'm fucking your ass, you cunt-! My cock is inside your ass! I'm going to Cum deep inside your ass, you dirty slut!" My hands are on your hips now, pulling you back onto me with each thrust I make into you. You go down on your shoulder as one hand reaches under you to continue playing with your clit.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Fill my ass with your hot cum! Oh god! Cum in my ass, Daddy. Oh god. Oh god, Oh god! I want you to fill me with your hot cum!" I take my right hand off your hip and slap your ass one more time. Smack! The pain pushes you over the edge.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh! Daddy, I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum, Daddy! Daddy can I please Cum??

"Cum You filthy !!!!"

"I'm cuuuuuummmmmiinnnnnnggggg!"

Suddenly I feel your body spasm, my hands holding on to your hips keeps my cock buried inside you. Your ass clamping down on my cock triggers my own orgasm and I start shooting spurt after spurt of cum into you. The blood rushes from my head and the feeling is so intense  as my cock jerks inside your ass over and over again.

Slowly my senses come back to me. I look down at you, all but unconscious on your knees with your head buried in the bed, not moving. Your poor ass looks raw. I start to pull my cock out slowly. Nooooooooooooo!" you whisper, barely audible. "I want you inside me."

"It's ok my love. Just rest now." I gently let you collapse all the way on the bed on your stomach. I gingerly lie down beside you, my arm around your shoulders, my lips next to your ears. I brush your long hair, now tangled in sweat, away from the side of your face and kiss your cheek.

"I love you Babygirl!"
Posted:Sep 6, 2019 12:15 pm
Last Updated:Oct 26, 2019 10:47 pm
I had been a bad girl and I knew Daddy was going to be displeased. When He called me into His office, I knew exactly what it was going to be about. I knocked softly on His door, and when Daddy beckoned, I walked in, my head down, shoulders slumped in shame. Daddy was sitting at His desk, and His chair swiveled to face me. His hands were clasped in His lap as he looked hard at me.

"Do you know why you're here, babygirl?" Daddy asked, His voice stern, but calm. He always gave me the chance to admit my sins before calling me out on them.

"Yes, Sir." I said, my voice barely above a whisper. He didn't say anything, just lifted an eyebrow, awaiting my admission of guilt.

I took a deep breath. "I touched myself to orgasm without Your permission this week." My face blushed deep as I looked down at the floor, suddenly very interested in every scratch and piece of dust along the weathered wood.

"Look at Me!" Daddy ordered and my eyes automatically lifted to His. His sapphire eyes seared into mine. I blushed even harder. "Good. Now, everyone makes mistakes and Daddy can forgive the occasional one, but this didn't just happen once, did it?"

I shook my head. "No, Sir."

"Right. Tell Me again how many times you came this week." He said, His eyes still blazing into mine.

I hesitated, biting my lip. "Three times." I muttered weakly.

"Three times." He repeated, with a slight tsk. "And how many times were you allowed?"


"Zero." He repeated again. "Hmm." He grunted, as if He were musing it over. "Well,  He started, rising from His chair and moving to stand in front of me. Daddy was of average male height, but in that moment, He seemed to loom over me. My heart skipped in trepidation. "You have disobeyed Me threefold, so I think it only fair your punishment should be threefold. Don't you agree?"

I didn't. But I knew better than to say that. "Yes, Sir." I mumbled, casting my eyes down. Daddy didn't like that. He tucked his fingers under my chin and roughly raised it so I couldn't look away. "I said, eyes on Me!" He barked, adding a small slap to my cheek once He'd let go of my chin. I didn't dare turn away again.

"Good. Now you should know Daddy didn't just come up with your punishment on a whim. I have thought long and hard about what would be suitable. You need to learn that your actions have consequences. So, first, I am extending your orgasm restriction for another two weeks

I suppressed my groan. Two weeks? I couldn't even last one, how was I supposed to last two more? It wasn't fair, but I knew better than to challenge Daddy. Daddy determines what is fair, not me.

"Now. Walk up to the edge of My desk, and bend over it." Daddy ordered. I obeyed, approaching the desk, placing both hands and forearms flat against it as I bent forward, my ass pointing outward, legs parted. I felt Daddy's big hand move over one ass cheek, almost caressingly. I knew that wouldn't last. His hand moved down to the hem of my dress, swiftly yanking it up. I quickly thanked every possible version of God, Creator, the Universe, whatever, that I hadn't worn panties today. Daddy wouldn't have liked having to deal with those. He pushed my dress up my back and His hands fell away for a moment. I could feel His eyes on me, examining me. Then that hand was back on my ass.

"I'm not going to go easy on you this time" Daddy said, His voice deep and steely. "Spanking for punishment is not like spanking for play. Understand?"

Fuck. My heart pounded. "Y-yes, Sir." I breathed, suddenly nervous.

"Good." The word had barely escaped His lips before His palm connected hard with my right ass cheek. I let out a yelp at the stinging pain, but He didn't stop. Three hard smacks, followed by three more on the other cheek. "Couldn't stop thinking about Daddy's cock in your pussy, could you?" He barked, landing four harder smacks in a row. I cried out loudly before responding. "No, Sir." I gasped.

Daddy chuckled sadistically. The spanking stopped for a moment but I knew it wasn't over. I shuddered when I heard the sound of Daddy undoing His belt, the clink of the buckle and the swift slide of the belt through the loops. "Couldn't keep your hands away from yourself." The belt cracked through the air just before it connected with my ass in a sharp blow. I yelled out my pain, instinctively twisting away, but I made sure to resume position. "Such a fucking horny little cunt!" He growled, landing two more harsh hits. I knew my ass must be flaming red by now. It definitely felt like it was on fire

"I bet that slutty pussy of yours is soaking wet right now, isn't it?" He taunted before roughly shoving two thick fingers inside me. I whimpered, slightly embarrassed that I was, in fact, drenched and also because those fingers felt so good. But that wasn't the point. Daddy pulled His fingers free, wiping them on my reddened ass. "Pathetic." He spat, giving me another lash.

My cries filled the room as Daddy continued to strike me even harder. I was desperate to hold onto something. One hand found and gripped a stress ball tightly, the other clenched onto a sheet of paper, crumpling it. God, I hoped it wasn't important.

"Daddy, please!" I gasped, on the verge of tears. But Daddy wasn't finished. Not yet. He landed one final blow and before I could even process what was happening, the belt dropped and Daddy was behind me. I felt the bulbous head of His thick cock press against me and then He shoved it inside, filling my pussy in one long thrust. He wasted no time in slamming into me. He was unconcerned with any pleasure I might have been feeling, or any pain.

My ass was still raging and His hips brushing it with every hard thrust only irritated it more. He got in a few more spanks as He fucked me, spitting out names and insults as He did so. It didn't take Him long to explode, emptying His hot, sticky seed deep inside me. I clenched my muscles around Him tightly, wanting to keep as much inside me as possible.

Daddy pulled free, giving me another smack. "That's gonna leave a mark or two." He breathed satisfactorily, before carefully pulling my dress back down over my raw, reddened ass.

"You may stand up, babygirl." He said and I slowly pushed myself up, releasing the stress ball and paper. Daddy moved to sit back in His chair. "Come here."

I walked over to Him, albeit gingerly. It hurt to fucking walk! Daddy took my hand. "You took your punishment well." He assured me, pulling me down into His lap. I winced as He settled me down on His legs, looping an arm around my shoulders, letting me lean into Him. "You were a very good girl. You'll be more mindful about disobeying Daddy from now on, won't you?"

I nodded, burying my face in His shoulder. "Yes, Daddy." I mumbled.

"Mmm good girl." He coaxed, rubbing my back gently to help me calm down. "Relax for now, baby." He said, His voice much softer than moments before. I rested into Him, reveling in the peaceful buzz of the aftermath.

"Oh, and babygirl?"

"Mmm, yes Daddy?" I muttered, drowsy in my haze.

"Don't think I've forgotten your third part of your punishment." He said, as if it could be both a threat and a promise.

I didn't really like either of those options.

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