YolandaTurner 43F
42 posts
9/9/2019 7:55 pm

I currently model pickanygirl.

Sometimes I feel like I am not cut out for porn...
I need your decide...

Am I hot?
Kind of...
Not Really

kzoopair 68M/66F  
25453 posts
9/9/2019 8:51 pm

Oh, hell yes. Like you needed to ask. But I don't mind telling you what undoubtedly hundreds of men have already told you. I have no idea if you're cut out for porn or not, but you're sexy and very good to look at.

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us2foragirl 58M/39F
14 posts
9/9/2019 9:24 pm

Not sure how being a model at pickanygirl.com help decide if you are cut out for porn or not.

funpleasure269 52M

9/9/2019 9:38 pm

Sounds like fishing bit if you are real you are cute

hillcountryman60 60M
122 posts
9/10/2019 5:34 am

YT> you don't have to be a Barbie to be hot.....for some reason some women question there beauty by physical standards but its more attitude than anything! Your hot, enjoy!

undercover_bi469 54M
351 posts
9/10/2019 8:51 am

Pretty smile, nice body, NOT covered in ugly tats, fun attitude, you are a 10!

wildthoughts 64M  
1069 posts
9/10/2019 10:51 pm

The business is always looking for new talent ,Each has some different look or style that others don't have.If that your goal then go for it .

albanybob 70M  
401 posts
9/11/2019 4:16 am

You should contact me to explore your options.

readyforgoodnite 52M/52F  
119 posts
9/11/2019 4:34 am

The sad part it would seem on any internet siteis that some guy will always tell a woman shes hot or stunning or something like that thinking he'll get some. Unfortunately some women start believing this and it gives them a false sense of themselves and they start demanding things and asking for looks of others a bit out of their reach. In public they get reality between the eyes. I get called wonderful names for being blunt and honest but at least you wont get lied to.

StillBoredinTx 43M
24 posts
9/11/2019 7:02 am

Iโ€™d have to see

anon04184 35M
46 posts
9/11/2019 11:52 pm

It's not a profession for everyone.

joblob65 53M
36 posts
9/13/2019 5:16 am

I'm here looking for cock, but you are definitely hot.

Discreetdata69 46M
146 posts
9/13/2019 9:51 pm

Would need to see your audition to judge if you have a special niche, it is a crazy business

Thatcher04354 60M  
6 posts
9/14/2019 4:02 am

Yes, you are hot!

septemberfunguy 62M
2 posts
9/14/2019 7:24 am

Definitely attractive....would love to see more of you though !!

domkoenig 53M
28 posts
9/14/2019 12:51 pm

horny ok , u need a good service , esp . if u moan when taking it all in

niceguy26272 56M
48 posts
9/14/2019 8:04 pm

I'd do ya for sure!

HotJenny87 32T  
3 posts
9/15/2019 6:51 pm

Hell yes, you're hot. I wouldn't mind being your crossdresser co-star.

LakeRidgeBBWSeek 59M
3441 posts
9/16/2019 6:22 pm

HELL YES YOU are PERFECT for Porn ! Can I make some with you? Watch while you make some with another guy? Maybe a 3sum on vid with you?

Casquetin14 45M
23 posts
9/17/2019 11:06 am

Ill say for porn yes!

Makeitper0late 59M
23 posts
9/18/2019 7:03 am

Yes you are hot and beautiful!

Ndsomefun2018 50M
145 posts
9/18/2019 7:10 am

I think u r hot, I would love to watch u

DallasEJ 49M
4 posts
9/27/2019 11:09 pm

Smoking Hott all day long๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Ž7

lookn4funruin 47M
6 posts
9/28/2019 12:05 am

I'd fuck you, lick you too

bwc4ladyznodudes 39M
7 posts
9/29/2019 1:49 pm

Oh Hell yes. You're sexy as can be..

FindMe49519 60M
1 post
10/11/2019 5:43 am

looking very good

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