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My first panties experience
Posted:Jun 8, 2019 3:50 am
Last Updated:Jul 11, 2020 11:38 am

One of the questions that is most common among panty wearing men is how and when we each got started. I've read and heard many that involved men starting young with panties they got from an older sister or from their mothers, so I think that my own beginning is rather unique among panty wearing guys.

I was around 14 or 15 in high school when I began dating a girl who liked heavy petting and extensive cuddling that eventually led our hands to our more intimate areas. Because we both were fearful of the consequences of going "all the way", we found that we could satisfy each other sexually mainly by mutual masturbation. She was a bit shy about showing her body, so I was arousing her almost exclusively by rubbing her through her sheer nylon panties. She was very good at rubbing my penis and getting me to a powerful, but messy ejaculation very easily. She liked that and also was able to reach orgasm by me rubbing her through her panties, and on occasion, would let me slip my hand under them to rub her pussy. I made comments about how sexy she felt in her panties, and she told me how erotic it felt to her for me to do that. The one problem we always faced when I would ejaculate was the cleanup afterward. Toilet paper, Kleenex, and paper towels were used extensively in the early going.

On one occasion, as we were getting involved, she produced a pair of her nylon panties that she wrapped around my penis and had me ejaculate into. I told her how sensuous that felt and how aroused I was with her hand wrapped around the panties and my penis. Before our next date, she told me how much she liked the feeling and aroma of my cum in her wet panties that she took home after the night out. She said that if I liked the way they felt as she rubbed me in them, I might really like the way they felt if I were to wear them. She then gave me a pair of panties and asked me to wear them on our next date.

I was a bit nervous, but told her I would, and when I went home, I secretly tried them on and became instantly hard and aroused. I masturbated in those panties on the spot and understood what she meant. I was very excited, aroused, and quite hard as I wore those panties when we went out on our next date. She immediately asked me if I were wearing them, and had me show her that I was in them. She was very aroused seeing my hard penis in them, and when we did finally get to playing, I ejaculated in those panties before she even really got started. We laughed about it, and she responded by giving me a new, clean pair of panties to change into. I went to a restroom and cleaned myself up, and brought the cum-filled panties back to her, but now wearing a new clean pair of her panties.

For as long as we continued to date, I wore pairs of her panties on our dates, and always enjoyed her attention while wearing them. I kept a couple pairs of panties even after we went our separate ways after high school, and was always hooked on wearing panties from that time forward.
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